Dates for your diary 2010


Dates for the diary 2010

The work of the Together We Create Team is ongoing.  Here are a few dates for your diary for the first part of the year. If you would like to know more please email [email protected] or [email protected]

  • St Lawrence goes Magnetic! – Digital art project for schools Feltham: 7th January – 22nd March
  • BETT – Innovation and Education Show at Olympia:  13th – 16th January
  • Wii-lympics workshop dates for schools in Hounslow:  18th Jan – 9th Feb
  • National Governors Association Conference:  27th January
  • Safer Internet Day:  9th February
  • BECTA – The learning revolution and the digital revolutionaries conference: 11 February
  • February Half Term 15th – 19th February
  • Fairtrade Fortnight:  22nd Feb – 7th March
  • Camden Fairtrade Schools Conference: 25th February
  • BBC News Report Day:  11th March
  • Click – Photography Project for Isleworth: Mid March
  • IADIS International Conference on Mobile Learning: 19 – 21 March 2010
  • Hounslow Wii-lypmics deadline for submissions from schools: 31st March
  • Easter Holidays 1st – 18th April
  • Hounslow Wii-lympics final: 3rd & 4th July

Happy New Year from TWC!


Four Major Projects, Over 2,000 Young People, Two London Boroughs, Lots of Creativity !

*Windows on Gunnersbury*  *Windows on Maiden Lane*  *Make Bake Create- Chocolate Communities*  *Hounslow Wii-lypmics/ The Hots*


Pictures from Make Bake Create Community Day (6th December) and the Hounslow Wii-lympics/ The HOTS Launch (10th December)

Make Bake Create Community Event DSC03504DSC03483DSC03534Launch of the Hounslow Wii-lypmics/ The Hots DSC03574DSC03603DSC03585

Hounslow Wii-lympics Coming to a School near you!

Hounslow Wii-lympic Logo Proposed

The Hounslow Wii-lypmics is a project designed for all schools in the London Borough of Hounslow; primary, secondary and special schools, created to get young people involved in sport through the use of fun technology.

The children who take part in the project will learn how people become top athletes; how they prepare their diet, how they look after their bodies and how they present themselves in the media.  The children will work in small groups to research a particular area of the athletes life as either the trainer, dietician, physiotherapist, the PR Manager of the athlete itself.  The children will submit their ideas to a judging panel by Easter 2010. The schools that have submitted the best ideas and research will qualify for the Wii lympics final at Hounslow Civic Centre on 3rd and 4th July 2010 , where the team athletes will get the chance to play against other schools.

For more details email : [email protected]

Fair Trade Chocolate Week & Make Bake Create: What a Celebration!


MAKE BAKE CREATE UPDATE – What a Week : 360 Children, 12 Workshops, 4 Schools, 14 Plus Volunteers, Lots of Chocolate…


It’s Fair Trade Chocolate Week (12th -18th October)  and everyone at Together We Create Towers is very excited! Not only do we get the chance to eat tons of amazing chocolate, this week sees the start of Make Bake Create our brand new interactive chocolate education program.

We will be running workshops in four Camden primary schools this week. The schools involved in the project are Argyle Primary, St Michaels CoE Primary, Edith Neville Primary School and St Josephs CoE School.

Massive thanks in advance to our wonderful bank of volunteers who we have roped into our chocolatey schemes, along with Sara from Dubble, Tom from Fair Trade Camden and Anna from South Camden Community School

It’s going to be a brilliantly chocolatey week. Watch this space for more information!

The Make Bake Create Crew at St JosephsDSC01469DSC01540DSC01506DSC01480

News Flash: Launch of Make Bake Create


Connecting Communities with Chocolate: The launch of Make Bake Create.

The Make Bake Create project has been devised to bring together people from across the community with a love that is universal: chocolate!

Initially launched in Camden’s primary schools, the first stage of the project will be chocolate education workshops that will be run in school in conjunction with Dubble and Fairtrade Camden.

In mid november the Make Bake Create Event will be held at South Camden Community School, a chance for all member of the local community to come together to share food, reciepes and stories.

Camden’s chocolate recipes will be collated into a book which is due to be published in January 2010 to celebrate 20 years of Fair Trade.

More details about the project to follow…

Windows on Maiden Lane Launched


This summer holiday, Fifteen young people joined a project at Maiden Lane Community Centre to create innovative and exciting digital art for their local community.

The project was part of a series of community art projects that have already rolled out across West London. The idea of the ‘Windows on’ projects is simple: give young people the skills and equipment to create artwork which brightens up and enhances their local community.  The young people learn how to take photographs and manipulate the photos on computers using filters and special effects. Once completed the artwork is blown up, printed and erected on buildings within the community. The projects so far have revitalised two derelict buildings, one museum, brightened up an old boiler house and involved over 50 young people.

The Maiden Lane Community Art Project , Windows on Maiden Lane was supported by Maiden Lane Community Centre and Liberal Democrat Councillor Ben Rawlings.  Councillor Rawlings said “Its great to see the young people being really creative. I have seen a few pieces of the artwork and the results are really stunning. This is an excellent example of local children positively contributing towards their community.”

If you think a Windows on style  project would work in your community , contact sarah through [email protected]

The Maiden Lane Visual Take Over – Coming Soon!

Over the next few weeks the Maiden Lane Visual Take Over will be launched at the Maiden Lane Estate, located in the  Cantelows Ward of the London Borough of Camden.

Fifteen young people worked together to create a series of visual postcards which reflect the vibrancy of the area where they live.

The artwork once printed will be hung at the entrance to the estate, welcoming all visitors and residents to the Maiden Lane community…

Cynthia Number 2 5cm squared

Windows on… Brentford: where it all began

Hello lovely people and welcome to our fabulous new website.

When we see ugly, unloved buildings and unsightly spaces they make us sad. But when we look up and see beautiful art, it makes us smile and skip like loonies. So one day we thought, “Aha! Let’s use art to make ugly buildings pretty.” And so Together We Create (TWC) was born. Now we’re working with young people all over London to create dizzyingly original digital art to reinvent dingy outdoor spaces.

A modern map of Brentford

Here’s how it all started

Whenever Sarah bounced down Brentford High Street to buy her usual six kilos of afternoon chocolate, the nasty building with burnt-out windows opposite Somerfield made her grumpy and much less bouncy. One day she just couldn’t take it any more, and so Sarah assembled the TWC team (that’s us) and recruited 16 local children. She presented them with the artistic challenge of a lifetime: Use your creativity to make this ugly building beautiful.


And, by golly, they did. What you see here are some examples of the stupendously brilliant art work created by the kids who worked on our very first Windows On… project in Brentford. Soon, TWC were busy making installations for buildings in Isleworth, Gunnersbury and Camden. The art created by the children who took part has transformed the windows and outside walls of some of the areas’ most unloved buildings. Yay!


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