Windows On… Brentford is Back!

Windows on Brentford Part 2 Photo 2We were really excited to launch the installation of the second part of the Windows On… Brentford project last week.

Now Brentford has two amazing rows of digital artwork installed on the building opposite Morrisons. If you haven’t been to Brentford to see the artwork, you really should because it’s fab!

Here are a couple of snaps, along with a quick low down on the project. Fingers and toes crossed for part three…

Making Brentford even more brilliant!

In the summer  of 2009 the Windows On… Brentford project was launched. Now over 4 years later the project is back!
The Windows On… Brentford project was an idea developed by Sarah Hoyle, the founder of TWC. Back in 2009, Sarah was working and living in Brentford and on her daily walk to work she started thinking about how she could creatively contribute towards the community she lived in.
 Windows on Brentford Part 2 Photo 1
She says “I used to walk past this old unloved building on the High Street opposite Morrison’s every day. One day I wondered what whether we could get kids to create artwork which we could then put in the windows of the building. That’s how the Windows On… project was born.” Now nearly 4 years later the project is back.
The first phase of the project saw the creation of eleven pieces of artwork, created by children from a variety of schools in the Brentford area. The artwork was printed and positioned in the bottom row of windows in the building opposite Morrison’s on the High Street.
The second phase sees the artwork placed in the second floor windows of the three story building. The themes of the second phase are Olympics and Play, celebrating the fantastic year of sports and activity in 2012.
Owners of the building Ballymore, have been really supportive of the project. Graham Haydon-White remarked : “We are really keen to support the Windows On… Brentford project. It is great to see young people creating artwork for their local community.”
Sarah adds; “I cannot thank local people such as Debbie Squires and Janet Mc Namara along with printing company Octink, Ballymore, Griffin Park Learning Zone and our young artists for helping us create the Windows On… Brentford artwork. Everyone was really supportive and the project is now well loved by people who live and visit Brentford.”



Yesterday was the launch of Windows on Fulham, a fantastic digital art project for Fulham Palace, in West London.

Taking place over February half term, a team a brilliant young people from HAFAD (Hammersmith and Fulham Action on Disability), joined the TWC Team at Fulham Palace to learn more about one of London’s key historic buildings and create amazing collages for the railings that led to the Palace.


IMG_1991Once the collages were created, Thomas our ace photographer, digitised the work ready for printing by our friends in Octink, who have supported TWC for several years.

Daisy Trust and John Lyons kindly funded the project. We also received support from the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham and Fulham Palace Trust.


Here are a few snaps of the launch. A massive thanks to the Major of Hammermsmith and Fulham (Cllr Belinda Donovan), Pauline from the Palace and the team from HAFAD for help in unveiling the artwork!









Here is a brief write-up of the project as reported in the Fulham Chronicle

Click here to read the article

More magic on Maiden Lane

Thanks to the tremendous support of our friends at Octink and the dynamo of Amanda and Marion, more artwork created by young people from Maiden Lane Estate was installed  on the Estate last week. If you are in the area, take a look. It’s brilliant !


Capturing Maiden Lane


Over the past 4 months young people living on the Maiden Lane Estate in Camden have been working with the TWC Team, taking pictures which encapsulate the vibrancy and spirit of their community centre. A selection of the photos will be printed and hung in the main hall of the centre, a shared space for all the local community .

More information to follow…

Happy New Year from TWC!


Four Major Projects, Over 2,000 Young People, Two London Boroughs, Lots of Creativity !

*Windows on Gunnersbury*  *Windows on Maiden Lane*  *Make Bake Create- Chocolate Communities*  *Hounslow Wii-lypmics/ The Hots*


Pictures from Make Bake Create Community Day (6th December) and the Hounslow Wii-lympics/ The HOTS Launch (10th December)

Make Bake Create Community Event DSC03504DSC03483DSC03534Launch of the Hounslow Wii-lypmics/ The Hots DSC03574DSC03603DSC03585

Windows on Maiden Lane Launched


This summer holiday, Fifteen young people joined a project at Maiden Lane Community Centre to create innovative and exciting digital art for their local community.

The project was part of a series of community art projects that have already rolled out across West London. The idea of the ‘Windows on’ projects is simple: give young people the skills and equipment to create artwork which brightens up and enhances their local community.  The young people learn how to take photographs and manipulate the photos on computers using filters and special effects. Once completed the artwork is blown up, printed and erected on buildings within the community. The projects so far have revitalised two derelict buildings, one museum, brightened up an old boiler house and involved over 50 young people.

The Maiden Lane Community Art Project , Windows on Maiden Lane was supported by Maiden Lane Community Centre and Liberal Democrat Councillor Ben Rawlings.  Councillor Rawlings said “Its great to see the young people being really creative. I have seen a few pieces of the artwork and the results are really stunning. This is an excellent example of local children positively contributing towards their community.”

If you think a Windows on style  project would work in your community , contact sarah through [email protected]

Windows on… Brentford: where it all began

Hello lovely people and welcome to our fabulous new website.

When we see ugly, unloved buildings and unsightly spaces they make us sad. But when we look up and see beautiful art, it makes us smile and skip like loonies. So one day we thought, “Aha! Let’s use art to make ugly buildings pretty.” And so Together We Create (TWC) was born. Now we’re working with young people all over London to create dizzyingly original digital art to reinvent dingy outdoor spaces.

A modern map of Brentford

Here’s how it all started

Whenever Sarah bounced down Brentford High Street to buy her usual six kilos of afternoon chocolate, the nasty building with burnt-out windows opposite Somerfield made her grumpy and much less bouncy. One day she just couldn’t take it any more, and so Sarah assembled the TWC team (that’s us) and recruited 16 local children. She presented them with the artistic challenge of a lifetime: Use your creativity to make this ugly building beautiful.


And, by golly, they did. What you see here are some examples of the stupendously brilliant art work created by the kids who worked on our very first Windows On… project in Brentford. Soon, TWC were busy making installations for buildings in Isleworth, Gunnersbury and Camden. The art created by the children who took part has transformed the windows and outside walls of some of the areas’ most unloved buildings. Yay!