Jubilee Court : A Summary

Jubilee Court 2015 – 2018 – working toward a brighter future for all


One of our primary goals at TWC is to help improve neighbourhoods and enhance the lives of people who there. One of these such neighborhoods is Jubilee Court, Bracknell, which forms the backdrop for one of TWC’s longest running and most diverse programmes to date.


Since its launch in 2015, we have helped to deliver a wide range of events and activities to the residents of Jubliee Court. With continued investment and support from the team at Southern Housing Group, we have been able to expand our work helping people to interact, support one another and improve their living community.


Operating in an ongoing challenging economic climate and with changes to the welfare benefits system, it seems that our role in supporting the local community has become more important than ever before. We are truly inspired by the residents, and their passion to support and improve their local community. So we are delighted to feature just a few of our local residents and their thoughts on what the TWC programme has meant to them.


Kay became a resident of Jubliee Court in November 2016. As a new resident on the estate, Kay initially found it challenging to meet people and suffered with some loneliness as a result. With support from TWC, Kay started the ‘Sunshine Gardening Club’, which has created new friendships and a legacy for future residents to enjoy.


Both Kay and fellow keen gardener, Jean, credit the Club for helping them to both meet new people, and also help make the estate an even better environment to live in.


For both, the experience of being involved with TWC has been a positive one, as Kay explains; “the casual events organized by TWC made it much easier to interact with others and the fact I only had to walk down the stairs and could easily go back to my flat made it a lot less anxiety provoking.” While Jean adds that if she didn’t feel up to attending events herself, it was great to know that others were enjoying the events.


Meanwhile, fellow neighboursFaith and Chalky, have particularly enjoyed the shared meals events, and making new friends through this new shared experience. Chalky in particular enjoyed hosting a meal for a group and plans to do it again soon.


Chalky also liked the idea of improving the aesthetics of the communal spaces and is considering contributing pieces of his own artwork to the estate. Resident artist, Elvis also appreciated the creative events held by TWC, which ranged from not just the garden club but coffee mornings, quizzes and games nights.


For all residents we spoke to, the diverse and casual nature of the activities and events programme that TWC ran was a real benefit, as it enabled them to socialise with other residents on their own terms. It has clearly has had a long lasting impact, with each of participants passionate in their encouragement for other communities to come together – even just over a cup coffee, it really does make all the difference. As Jean sums up, “always try and make an effort, however small.  Even smiling at people can change their day.”