Talking Tech in West London

We have already had a busy start to 2016! Since the New Year we have been running Tech Talk, a fantastic new project working with 18 Software Development and Coding students fromWest Thames College to develop Apps for the greater good.

CZub-icWIAQ8s-ZWith our world becoming more and more App-centric, we wanted to run a project that not only teaches skills in Apps and App development, but also inspires people to develop Apps that can support the wider community. Tech Talk delivers just this.

Our project is based on the hugely successful Apps for Good programme and in typical TWC style, we have put our own spin
on it. To inspire our students further, we enrolled a number of
professionals working in the world of Software Development, Coding and App production to support each workshop. Our volunteer techies have been on hand to answer technical questions, refine ideas, share their tips of the trade and advise on how a successful career can be made with these skills.

CZLAILCWIAcCMuLSince the start of the project our students have been developing some fantastic ideas for new Apps. One such idea has been a weather App which tells you what clothes you should wear to match the weather outside – a great idea I think we would all agree!

On the 2nd March, our students will present their best App ideas to a Dragons Den Panel of leading tech professionals. Good luck to all students. We look forward to sharing their ideas with you in due course.

Thanks go to the Heathrow Community Fund for
kindly supporting this project, and to our wonderful volunteers who has helped to make this a truly fantastic and inspirational project.

Let’s Play in Hounslow

Remember playing hide and seek? Tag? Jump rope? At TWC we love playing games, and we believe that play and leisure activities perform an increasingly important role in developing communities, combating social exclusion and disadvantage, and increasing opportunities for bringing people together. It was with this in mind that we developed a new project called Let’s Play in partnership with the London Borough of Hounslow. and Thames Valley Housing Association

Together we Create Poster 55The Let’s Play project is centred on the role of sports and leisure in the context of play, community engagement, empowerment and development. Adapting traditionalplaying games, we will be running a series of play-themed community events, designed to engage and equip local community groups and individuals of all ages with the tools, places and inspiration to make play accessible and a priority for everyone.
                                                                                                                                                Talking about the project, TWC Founder, Sarah, explains; “As a charity we strive to create a positive and inclusive environment where everyone is valued and achievements are celebrated.This project contines our commitment to support communities across the London Borough of Hounslow. By developing this new and innovative programme our hope is that we can make community engagement simple and accessible to all”

 The project will be running from March to May.Keen to join in? To help get you started, we have developed the totally unique, Let’s Play games book which will be published end of February. Please email  for a copy of this book. Every participant will receive a Play Book.

Thanks to the generous support of the Hounslow Community Grant and our team of volunteers who have helped make this project possible.