Windows on Maiden Lane Launched

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This summer holiday, Fifteen young people joined a project at Maiden Lane Community Centre to create innovative and exciting digital art for their local community.

The project was part of a series of community art projects that have already rolled out across West London. The idea of the ‘Windows on’ projects is simple: give young people the skills and equipment to create artwork which brightens up and enhances their local community.  The young people learn how to take photographs and manipulate the photos on computers using filters and special effects. Once completed the artwork is blown up, printed and erected on buildings within the community. The projects so far have revitalised two derelict buildings, one museum, brightened up an old boiler house and involved over 50 young people.

The Maiden Lane Community Art Project , Windows on Maiden Lane was supported by Maiden Lane Community Centre and Liberal Democrat Councillor Ben Rawlings.  Councillor Rawlings said “Its great to see the young people being really creative. I have seen a few pieces of the artwork and the results are really stunning. This is an excellent example of local children positively contributing towards their community.”

If you think a Windows on style  project would work in your community , contact sarah through

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