Windows on… Brentford: where it all began

Hello lovely people and welcome to our fabulous new website.

When we see ugly, unloved buildings and unsightly spaces they make us sad. But when we look up and see beautiful art, it makes us smile and skip like loonies. So one day we thought, “Aha! Let’s use art to make ugly buildings pretty.” And so Together We Create (TWC) was born. Now we’re working with young people all over London to create dizzyingly original digital art to reinvent dingy outdoor spaces.

A modern map of Brentford

Here’s how it all started

Whenever Sarah bounced down Brentford High Street to buy her usual six kilos of afternoon chocolate, the nasty building with burnt-out windows opposite Somerfield made her grumpy and much less bouncy. One day she just couldn’t take it any more, and so Sarah assembled the TWC team (that’s us) and recruited 16 local children. She presented them with the artistic challenge of a lifetime: Use your creativity to make this ugly building beautiful.


And, by golly, they did. What you see here are some examples of the stupendously brilliant art work created by the kids who worked on our very first Windows On… project in Brentford. Soon, TWC were busy making installations for buildings in Isleworth, Gunnersbury and Camden. The art created by the children who took part has transformed the windows and outside walls of some of the areas’ most unloved buildings. Yay!


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